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October 5-6, 2001: Trails End Arena Rodeo, Tumwater, WA

We fought our way through 30+ miles of traffic jam to get here but arrived in time albeit a little giddy from rolled down windows and inhaled exhaust fumes. We set up under the grandstands with a sawdust dance floor and a tarp over our heads to keep beverages from being spilled on us...very rustic. We got to make lots of new friends and even saw a couple of old, old ones.

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This is proof that there really was a rodeo.

This is proof that there really was a band.

This is proof that there really were dancers.

Break time means beer garden time.

We got a little help Friday thanks to the boys from the band Broken Trail.

Here's Arlene doin' the "funky finger".

Hey...more dancers!

A guest artist too!

Even a cowboy break dancer!







T.W. staying warm and playing cool.

How about those barkeeps!

This is probably the last time we'll ever play "Signs". T.G. says, "When in doubt, mambo".

Dirty dancing always gets you on our website.

Stickless in Tumwater.

This is either dancing or "Autumn Slam".

Okay, now for the Buck's travelog...the state legislative building in Olympia.

Here's a look inside.









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