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November 9-10, 2001: Lady Luck Saloon, Spanaway,WA

Our first weekend at the Lady Luck was a gas, gas, gas. Lots of great dancers, lots of birthdays, plus special guest artists including Rhonda Heddington, Bev and Ted, and Jonathon Harris. Bucky Thorp added to the band and got to wear an official Bucks shirt.

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Some of the Friday night dancers.

Here's a poor girl who mistook the bandstand for a coat rack.

We always like it when the girls take over the dance floor.

This gent is the Spanaway splits champion.

Twirl your partner.

More smiling dancers.

A Y axis conga line.

The Friday night slow dancers.

The prez says "I'm with the band!".

Careful ma'm, he's getting ready to make a wish.

Our first birthday boy.



Ted and Bev always get down.

Ah yes, time for the floor show.

Ah yes, time for a manwich.

She makes him look good.

Jonathon Harris sits in and starts a "who has a guitar pick" contest. Here is the back of the winner (borrowed from T.G.).

There was even a chorus line...The Spanettes.

A birthday swallower.

Hey, who's tending the bar?

Another birthday swallower.

The final birthday swallower.

Country Mo.



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