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December 31, 2001: Eagles Club, Sedro-Woolley,WA

New Years Eve with a Mardi Gras theme (minus the bare torsos). Who better to be the King and Queen of Mardi Gras than Roger and Arlene Grover. Happy New Year!

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Emily looks good in feathers.

We have a theme starting.

Marie Antoinette before losing her head.

We don't want to know where that nose has been.

Ah yes, the Royal Family.

Some of the New Years Eve dancers.

Gary sang a few songs.

Special guest artist #2.

Special guest artist #3.

Thom Westley, still photogenic after all these years.



Thom Gustafson sports his most sincere pasted-on smile.


The couples parade begins with Clyde and Jane.

Clifford and Bobbi Jo.

Just dang cute.

Dave and Marlene.

Ralph and Pati.

Bob and Janet.

Eddie and ?

Last but certainly not least, Mo and Kim.




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