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January 14, 2001 Skagit Dart League Banquet and Raffle, VFW, Burlington, WA

also, Thommy G.'s 50th birthday, 1/21/01

This was a combo gig and birthday celebration for Mo. By request, some pics of Thommy G.'s birthday are linked to on the right...not a pretty sight.

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The birthday boy!

Here's Wes testing out his new foot with Rita.

Westley gets down!

A few happy dancers.

Mo tries to draw his own raffle ticket.

Roger says, "If you'd stand a little taller B-9 would be covered and I'd have a bingo!"

Ladies and gentlemen, the "Dart League Chorus Line".

The omnipresent guest vocalist.

Thommy G.'s birthday pics...click her for T.G.'s special words of widsom...err...wisdom

T.G. thought he was going to spend a peaceful evening watching his former guitar student, Forrest Kyle perform.

Oh no...a kidnapping! Sedro-Woolley Eagles, here we come!

Thank God there was only one candle...otherwise the sprinklers would been triggered.

Thommy G. is very thankful to have such sensitive, intelligent friends!

You've heard of "dirty" dancing? This is more like "sloppy" dancing!

Here's those sensitive, intelligent friends helping Kevin improve his image...heh!

This wasn't a good idea at all.

Here's why it wasn't a good idea. Thanks to everybody!





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