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January 25, 2002: Little Red Hen, Seattle,WA

Malibu Mo's beach party...too much. Let's see, there was a strip, a limbo stick, ring toss, a birthday cake, and almost too much fun.

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T.G. went to a beach that day to check out appropriate attire. It was co-old at the beach that day.

God no, not that...the infamous "toes pose".

Malibu Mo Hargrove.

Judy and Kim gone tropical.

Mo plays "Wipeout" while standing on his drums. Seems to add immediate relevancy to the song title.

The prez brought out her own personal version of "ring toss". Batteries not included.

Our buddy Russ had a change of lattitude.

Mo and T.G. celebrate belated birthdays.

Alright! Limbo time...schweeeiiiinnnngggg!

The spinner makes it a lot tougher.





"Funny, I used to be able to bend there."

And the winner is...

But really, we're all winners.

Speaking of winners, it's Flamingo Larry.

Now that's a grass skirt.

The crowd goes wild as T.G. starts "You Shook Me", until reality sets in.

The Little Red Hen dancers.

The cowgirl in red.

Yo Nathan.

He just wanted to be on our web site.



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