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January 26-27, 2001 Little Red Hen, Seattle,WA

Whew...Friday was a birthday blowout (almost too much fun). Saturday our buddy Lee Anderson showed up livened things up as usual.

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Judy's daughter Kim turned 21 and got the ball rolling.

Matching shirts, matching eyes and matching mouths.

This moe-lestation is indicative of Friday night.

Here's Jerry trying to act dignified (see Dec.1-2, 2000).

Ted sings a love song to Bev..."I Like My Women on the Trashy Side".

Tommy Westley's playing his famous "mystery" chord.

The LRH dancers.

I hope these dancers took their dramamine.

Nice hat Prez...did it feel like you still had it on the next morning?

Ed lended us a hand Friday night.

T.W.'s buddy was there too.

Go girls!

Nicely done.

Here's dancers gettin' down...and up!

Lee Anderson always raises the bar a little.

More dancers, part one...

Part two...

Part three.





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