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February 1-2, 2002: Eagles Club, Sedro-Woolley,WA

Just a fun weekend with lots of birthdays being celebrated Saturday night.

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New friends Keith and Maryann.

"Twang" Westley.

Mo's in alpha state.

If the bands on the floor, is the audience on the stage?

It's a get-down-Friday kind of nite.

Angela and her husband (name?) about to be Buckarooed.

They scored a 10 on the cute couple-o-meter.

Here's birthday boy Ben shaking a leg with Tina.






Cathy has a great birthday smile.

Party boy Wes starts a wave.

Birthday boy Wes eats half of one boob on a two boob cake.

The Mitchell's trip the light fantastic.

Bob's got his mojo workin'.

Ted is the only guest that has a change of clothes waiting for him on the bandstand. He becomes Teddy Trashy.

Here's Bev with Bucky on the keyboard.

Yet another guest artist.



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