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February 15-16, 2002: Little Red Hen, Seattle,WA

Saturday night was the Make-a-Wish benefit auction with Larry turning in a classic performance as the surprise auctioneer (Flo was sick). Magnifico! $1550 ("fifteen fitty") was raised for this special cause. Fireman Jeff finally made our website thanks to his birthday on Friday night. We also were invaded by some partiers from the other side of the mountains helping Ryan celebrate his birthday as only they can...check it out.

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Fireman Jeff knows fire safety.

The Friday night dancers.

T.G. watching his fingers closely to make sure they stay attached to his hand.

A visit from some of our favorite girls.

T.W. puttin' out the tones.

Nathan has some tones too.

Jimmy says "You wanna play what?!".

Which one is about to spin?

Saturday night featured a visit from the Baldwin Sisters.

Here's our auctioneer, Mr. 75 fitty himself...Larry.

Here's what the folks think of Larry.

We call her "Little" Patti, but for Ryan's birthday she was Schizo Patti...this is "good" Patti.

This, of course, is "bad" Patti.

This is "riding crop" Patti administering a birthday lesson to Ryan.

Trouper that he is, Ryan plays bass during his own birthday song while getting ready to blow out his candles.

Here's our friend Bob Stanton steelin' some licks.



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