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February 23-24, 2001: Oak Rail Bar and Grill, Ellensburg,WA

Look out...there's a Buckaroo expansion move happening! This was our first visit to the Oak Rail and we're happy to say we'll be back soon. What a great party...

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T.W. and T.G with some dueling guitar action.

Mo standing on his stool...heh.

Mo's mom Mary and Shane gettin' wild.

A Grover sighting...Rhonda and Margie.

Happy Birthday to you...

Lee Anderson was kind enough to help out a little.

Here's what the boys do when the dance floor is full of girls.

Roger's having another funkasm.

Now this is NOT a pretty sight!

Now this IS a pretty sight!

A collage of guest artists including Jennifer Clerf and Shane.

Jack and Celeste.

We're not sure what this step is, but they've got the right idea.

Here's Ted the owner gettin' Buckarooed Friday night.

The unwilling photographic subjects are the most fun!

This is either the "gator" or his drill seargent just told him to drop and give him twenty.

Here's why we love our job.

Some friendly EWU students.

Ryan says "Woooooieeee...Roger, was that you?"

Thankyou Ellensburg!





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