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February 3, 2001 Brad and Trudy's Wedding Reception, Hillcrest Park Lodge, Mt. Vernon, WA

Congratulation to the bride and groom. This was a fun night and a great start for their new life.

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Cuttin' the cake.

It didn't take Brad long to slip into something more comfortable.

A dance with Dad.

Getting ready for the bouquet toss.

Guys getting ready for the garter grab...Connie Brown would approve of this picture (see Dec. 1-2, 2000).

Cute kids!

Oh yeah, we were there too!

Christi Hargrove gettin' down (is that redundant?)

When Christi sings, people just gotta do the Electric Slide.

We managed to recruit a roadie...thanks!

Our roadie also wears the hat of a dance instructor.

Hey Ray and Tammy...hot stuff!

Guest artist #1.

Guest artists #2 and #3.





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