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February 9-10, 2001 Little Red Hen, Seattle,WA

This was the weekend for the Make-a-Wish Foundation Benefit Auction and Raffle. Special thanks to Connie Brown for orchestrating the whole affair and "Traffic Flo" Bev, your Little Red Hen auctioneer. Thanks to all for your generosity. We raised $2,230.00 to help children with life threatening illnesses have a wish granted.

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Tommy Westley on Friday night.

This marquis is actually a coded message, get your decoder ring at the next Buck's gig!

Here's some dancers...

And here's just girls dancing...Hoooooo!

Alright...lights,camera, auction!

Here's Tom with his prize...he's a real "Full Sailor".

Mo won the auction for this Paul McCartney Tour 1990 jacket...it even matched his shirt. Now if only TW would give him back his drum sticks.

The obligatory Roger Grover floor show shot.

Here's a view from the stage...can you see why we love our job?

Angie and Murphy cuttin' up the parquet.

Saturday dancers...

More Saturday dancers...

Wild Saturday dancers!

Cowboys enjoying the view from behind.

T.G., being always fashion conscious, adorns his head with a seasonal accessory.

Here's fiddlin' Tommy...watch out for flying horsehairs.

Here's our auctioneer Bev with the "Make-a-Wish" representative.

Some uh da goils.

Thanks Fred, Ted and Nathan!

And finally, a congratulatory "prezwich" for Connie Brown...Mo Mayo!





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