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March 17, 2001: LaConner Fireman's Benefit Dance, LaConner, WA

St. Patrick's Day, raffles, and the grand Maple Hall in LaConner...who could ask for me? There was even green beer!

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Roger and Thommy G. have learned it's wise not to turn their backs towards each other.

Roger conducts the LaConner glee club.

The two T*ommies searching for the perfect lick.

Mo schmoozin' with the ladies...check out the green beer.


The St. Paddy's day dancers.

The St. Paddy's day slow dancers.

Hmmm...human sandwiches are becoming a popular part of our photo journal.

LaConner is known to have it's share of free spirits.

These ladies have boogie fever.

The happy kilted rafflers.

One of the prizes was a negligee, which of course was won by a guy. What to do, what to do...

Why, try it on of course!





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