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March 30-30, 2001: Little Red Hen, Seattle,WA

March 30 was the party for the prez's birthday...hooo! Dianna from Latigo Lace and Doris also had birthday parties at the Hen this weekend. It all went a little something like...

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Da prez is dancin'.

The prez is dancin' with Dave.

The prez gets a prezent.

Mo likes his women a little on the trashy side.

Da prez cake.

Boogah, boogah!

Dianna from Latigo Lace approaches for the ceremonial birthday shot.

Puttin' 'em together.

Here's a view from the stage.


Kevin Juma knocked us all out.

Eegads...there was even a Mark Collins sighting.

Yo Buck.

Cap'n Dan Adams.

Notice how far back everyone is standing from this fellow.

We call this photo "Victoria's Secret".

Bev was gettin' down.

Be careful, you could put an eye out!

Gary is about to placed in a submission hold.

Doris celebrated her birthday Saturday night.

Doris brought her fan club...Hooooooo!

More of the Saturday night fun bunch.





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