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March 3, 2001: Margot's 60th Birthday Barn Dance, Redmond,WA

This was a barn dance for Margot featuring a great barbeque, dance lessons from Kim, practice bull roping, and huddling around the portable heaters. Thanks for having us!

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How's this for a garden?

This shot of sunset was too cool to leave out.

Kim admires one of Margot's miniature horses.

The birthday girl.

The birthday girl dancing.

A little pre-event jocularity.

Now here's a real cowpoke.


Kim taught everyone the "barn dance"...how appropriate.

The barn dancers.

More barn dancers.

Unusual barn dancers.

Furs were the rigeur de apparel.

No, we weren't using a smoke generator...that's our breath!

Hmmm...this is what we call a bouncer!





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