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April 13-14, 2001: Oak Rail Bar and Grill, Ellensburg,WA

We took advantage of this weekend and were able to attend the annual Grover/Stanton pre-Easter Bonnetfest...heh. We also had a great time getting reacquainted with some of our other friends from the east side. Hooooooo!

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Ted the owner was all ears..

In the background: Lee Anderson. In the foreground: Boogie Chil'.

Some of the Friday dancers.

A smile like this will get you on our web site every time!

So will pants like these!

The gospel according to St. Buckaroo.

I think what he has in mind has a French pronunciation.

Nice swooshy hair.

Patti Stanton got to use Mo's sticks.

Patti's son Michael can sing up a storm.

TG gloats while displaying his victorious foosball goal total. The victim? Roger's daughter Jessica.


The Grover Easter reunion party requires all attendees to wear bonnets. Here's the Hargroves with fine specimens, indeed!

Roger's bonnet, honed from years of development, is more practical in nature. You can drink it during the Easter Parade!

Bob plays a mighty mean pedal steel.

Here's a couple of peas in a pod...Mo and his mom Mary.

Okay, back to the Rail...hitting the notorious "high note" at the end of "Happy Birthday" requires proper pant adjustment.

T.W. and Roger cookin'.

Smilin' T.G.

Still the original Boogie Chil'.

Some of the Saturday dancers.

Just playin'.

Never one to let a mere mountain range get between himself and dinner, Thommy G returned to Skagit Valley in time to carve the Easter turkey.






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