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April 21, 2001: Fundraiser,Community Center, Marblemount,WA

It's a long drive to Marblemount but worth it to be able to party with these folks. Food, music, dancing, a mondo raffle, and spirits...

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For years this dance has benefitted the Volunteer Fire Department located next to the community center.

Emily was there to celebrate her birthday!

Larry and Dianne...once again Larry drove his own personal fire truck to the gig.

One of the raffle prizes was a bike. Mo bet Roger $1 that he wouldn't ride the bike back and forth in the room and pop a wheelie. Mo lost the bet. Roger will do anything for $1.

Here's Roger winning the raffle for the bike he just got done popping a wheelie on.

Some of the Marblemount dancers.

One of our guest artists.

Hey Bobbi Jo.


Party time!

It isn't a party until there's a Manwich.

Bev was also there to croon a couple of tunes.

Dancing like this will always get you on our website.

TG was a little under the weather but Roger braves the germs to try to lift his spirits.

Yikes, stripes!

The "Boogie Chil'" award winner.

Just having fun.



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