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April 27-28, 2001: Little Red Hen, Seattle,WA

Jim Grover came over from Entiat,WA to fill in for Mo. Mo had recently been operated on for a digestive disorder, but is doing fine. This wild weekend went something like this:

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Smooth dancers, but watch those twirls!

How about these low dancers?

A view from the stage.

Da Prez.

Thom Westley doin' some high wirin'.

The fun bunch.

There was a bloomin' low dance fest.

The "Boogie Chil'" award winner.

Even Tommy G. was getting low...on Roger's bass.

Jim "Bobo" Grover.

Some fancy steppin'.

Here's a birthday girl offering praise to the King of the birthday high note...heh.

Folks just having fun.

Willie sang a couple of tunes.

More of the Saturday night dancers.

Bobo's birthday...Hooooo!

Lookout...rail dancers!

We're having fun too.

Happy dancers.

Mo made an appearance at the end of Saturday night...get well, Mo!






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