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April 6-7, 2001: Eagles Club, Sedro-Woolley,WA

We had lots of good folks, lots of good musicians, and a very festive Mrs. Hargrove...Hoooooo!

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Kim leads the Eagles chorus line.

Hmmm...have we seen this before? Leg guitar is an interesting twist.

The dancers.

More dancers.


Lloyd Hooper stopped by and sang a few.

Bob and Julie Martin.

Gary Townsend rocked out.

Don Coggins helped out as did...

Kevin Helgeson.

Buck Hammock was there on Saturday.

T.G. says "Sorry Mo, I'm spoken for."

Mo seems to be in "Disco" mode.

Is that Bev and Ted or Fred and Ginger?

Some awesome slow dancers.

Cindy is on a quest for the perfect harmony part.

Here's some of the girls who serve the fun.

I'm not sure if this fellow thinks he's dancing or setting chokers.

Bev gets down with Skinny's approval.

Thommy G. checks for a pulse on his Stratocaster.



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