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May 12, 2001: Valley Green Acres 4-H Fundraiser, Rexville Grange, Mt. Vernon,WA

This is one of our few opportunities to play for a family oriented function and we love it! Kim Hargrove teaches folks of "all" ages to dance and we try to lay down a few for them to step to. Roger was with his daughter Jessica at a baton tournament, so Ted, Bev and Bucky were deputized Buckaroos for the evening.

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How's this for cheery doormen...and doorwomen?

Gimme, gimme, gimme that cakewalk.

Shhhh! This is a silent auction.

Folks learning a dance from Kim.

Now here's a future country music star.

T.W. wails while T.G. wonders where his other two strings went.

On the right...Ted and Bucky.

Now this could get very sticky.

Yeah, but you oughta see the other guy.

The festive kitchen crew.

Some smiling girls.

Getcher tickets here.

Stage door Johnny, Jimmy, and Jeremy.

A special guest artist.

Kim dancing with Christy and a friend.

Looks like an innie.

Mo made his return to the stage following esophogus surgery.

Boogie fever.

Slow dancers.

Thanks Bev!


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