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May 18, 2001: Eric and Stacy's Wedding Reception, Senior Center, Edmonds, WA

This reception was for a couple of our best friends. Congratulations!

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Shannon and Lee.

The first dance as Mr. and Mrs..

Dancing with Dad.

The wedding party kicks up their heels.

Uh oh...do we detect a party atmosphere?

Stacy leads a line dance.

Here's Stacy being turned into a corkscrew before throwing the bouquet.

Eric removes the garter with panache.

Time for the money dance!

Eric is running out of places to put dollars.

Some young funsters.

Very stylish.

Here's a dance called the PJ shuffle.

Round and round the mulberry bush...

Pweeze can I pway wiff you guys?

"Weeee...look at me!"

Beauteous gifts.

"Start spreadin' the news...I'm leaving' today..."

Keyboards and drums too...amazing.

Nothing like a good old circle dance.





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