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June 22, 2001: Little Red Hen, Seattle,WA "Prom Night"

Once again, a Little Red Hen special event with us as the guinea pigs...errr, "hosts". Many of those attending donned attire befitting the grandest of prom nights but a few were just downright tacky. Lots of yucks!

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Tony Orlando and "Evening".

A festive group of folks.

Here's a new dance called the "Fireman's Carry".

A resplendent Tor trips the light fantastic.

.Rhonda Heddington in full croon mode.

Speaking of tacky, Mo and TG were chosen as the Little Red Hen prom night royalty.


Some of the prom night dancers.

The Prez showed up wearing her "Buckette of the Decade" ribbon.

Thom Westley and Bucky Thorp havin' fun.

There ain't no cure for dance fever.

Some serious party people.

Kim knows how to dress for prom night!





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