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June 30, 2001: Annual Buckaroo Blues Campout, Jay and Rhonda Bollinger's Estate

The annual campout was held this year at the home of Roger's sister and brother-in-law on the beautiful Columbia River north of Wenatchee. Many of our friends camped by the river and partied with us for the whole weekend. These photos are from Saturday when we held an outdoor concert with our friends and for our friends. Wish you were there!

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Jim and Dianne Grover lended their considerable expertise to the party.

Some happy campers.

Wes "Flambeau" Anderson decides it's better to play with fire than water.

Ace having his way with a turkey.

One cheeto for each hand.

Rhonda and Maddie lend their pear shaped tones to the proceedings

The "Baldwin Sisters" dazzled with their well-honed harmonies.

Here's some of the power sports enthusiasts.

Lawn dancing anyone?

Christy "Mustang Sally" Hargrove.

Mo Hargrove served his usual role as the master of ceremonies.

What would a beach be without a ripped body builder?





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