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July 20-21, 2001: Little Red Hen, Seattle,WA

No special events, just a fun weekend with birthdays, guest artists, and lots of dancers.

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A toast for a birthday boy.

A dance for a birthday boy.

The Friday smiling dancers.

The Friday slow dancers.

The Friday award winning smiling dancers.

Some confused cowboys...giddyup!

Audience precipitation....err participation.


The rail dancers are at it again.

A somber moment with Lee Anderson.

The importance of being Thom Westley.

Roger trying to incite a riot.

Rhonda sings while Linda twirls.

Happy birthday Bucky!

Here's security to quell the riot.

Summa da goils.

Tony says "All I wanted was a little off the top" as Buck flexes for the camera.

A Duncan sighting.

Lookout Billy, the Prez is getting ready to play ring toss.

Hmmm...here's an example of security being needed for security.





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