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July 27, 2001: Angel and Tosha's Wedding, Hillcrest Park Lodge,

Mount Vernon, WA

Buckaroo alumni Pat Tennis filled in for T.G., who was busy trying to look important wearing a tux. Angel and Tosha are family and this was definitely a family affair.

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Angel and Tosha exchanging vows.

The smiling bridesmaids.

Mr. and Mrs. DeLeon.

That melon looks good enough to eat...and maybe even wear.

Hey, it's Jim and Lorraine.

Hey, it's Bill and Cathy.

There's nothing like a good book and a few crayolas.

Jessica Grover sings for the folks.

You just gotta love the dollar dance.

See what we mean?

David gets down low on the bass.

Meanwhile Albert keeps a snappy beat (with a little help).

Aren't they sweet cutting the cake?

Oops, it had to happen.

Angel scores a perfect 10 for garter removal.

Here's the boogie master leading the boogie chillen'.

T.G. has a Carmen Miranda moment.

Lisa came all the way from North Carolina.

Roger, Albert, Dave O'Hagen, and Pat turn the wick up during "La Bamba".




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