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August 31-September 2, 2001: Oak Rail Bar and Grill, Ellensburg,WA

This was the grand finale of summer, the same weekend as the Ellensburg Rodeo and Kittitas County Fair. Bucky Thorpe and Rhonda Heddington were additions to our band for this special weekend. Big party...Hooooooo!

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Roger and TG yucking it up.

A Sandy sighting (with Bucky in a relaxed moment).

Ladies taking over the dance floor is always good.

A few smooth movers on the dance floor.

T.W. bending strings.

Roger shows T.G. that three hands are better than two.

Rhonda makes our band look (and sound) a lot better.

How about some cowboy dirty dancing?

Tor made the trip from Seattle in his economy car.

More stylish dancers.

Buck and Sarah Hammock from Latigo Lace.


What do you think this couple is smiling about?

Now we see!

Roger (Mr. Photogenic) Grover

The most important thing to learn when playing an instrument is how to hold your mouth.

The obligatory picture of Ted (the owner).

The crowd outside on parade day.

Now that's a dip!

Bucky has learned to smile for the camera.

Bev busts a move.

Kim playing a calf in cow town.

Lee Anderson uses Roger as an arm rest.





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