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August 11, 2001: Curtis and Angie's Wedding Reception Hamilton, WA

This was a reception in the rarified country air near Hamilton, WA for a couple of great people and great friends. .

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Is wedding cake really finger food?

Lifting the glasses for a toast.

Angie lobs a high one with the bouquet.

Curtis puts his hands where they belong.

Alright, time to belly up to the bar!

This is a photograph of the photographer...had to do it.

Curtis and Angie's first dance as a married couple.

We were blessed with several guest artists.

Some of the gravel driveway dancers.

Pretty presents.

More gravel driveway dancers.

Another guest artist.

Roger sees a go-go dancer in training.

Our go-go dancer tempers her act with a rousing version of "Jesus Loves Me".

Bucky and a new friend doing their impression of Ferrante and Teicher.

Boogie woogie all night long.

He's Mo...he's the star of the show.

T.G.'s future's so bright he's gotta' wear shades.



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