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August 4, 2001: Skagit Farmer's Customer Appreciation Day

Mount Vernon, WA

After a lengthy afternoon rehearsal we hustled down to the agronomy center to set up, grab a quick gnosh of some great food, and entertain some of the fine folks from Skagit County.

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Soup's on!

.The chow line featured the Queen of the Tongs.

There was salmon, steak, oysters, and carcasses.

Here's one of our guest artists singing "Mony, Mony".

The parking lot dancers.

Roger had some young admirers.



Another guest artist doin' his thing.

It's always a party if there is a conga line.

Thom, Judy and a barefoot cowboy.

Roger gettin' down with the kids.

Yet another guest artist with his own chorus line.

The parking lot cha-cha.




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