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September 21-22, 2001: Little Red Hen, Seattle,WA

Friday night was "trashy women, fancy men" night...what a hoot! We've decided every night should be trashy women night! Friday was also Thom Westley's birthday.

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Now that's tacky.

T.G. started the night as a Mack Daddy.

Interesting head gear choices.

There are some naked bird butts somewhere.

Here's a pirate on a quest for booty.

Mo being Mo.

Beware the peacock lady.

Birthday cake for T.W..

T.G. changes over to a more natural role, "lounge lizard".

Billy was there as by now T.W. was not.

A nice little action shot of Lee, Jim and Mo.

Aargh, the pirate sings!

There was even a Christine sighting.

T.G. still doesn't have a cowboy head.

Saturday night and the girls are on the floor.

A call came in and this fellow was off to child birth.

Buck and Mark from "Latigo Lace" helped out.

So did Jerry from "Jerry and the Philbillies".

A leopard top will always get you on our website.

Careful Jenny, you might swallow a fly.





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