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Thommy G.'s Words of Widsom...err...Wisdom

The following are mostly useless bits of information gleaned from half a century of comtemplation. The opinions expressed below are just that...opinions.

After my 50th birthday party with my family, (which I was barely able to get out of bed long enough to attend), my oldest son Michael asked if I had any words of wisdom. Being extremely hung over and having no feelings of intelligence or especially wisdom whatsoever, I was unfortunately unable to offer up any witicisms...no duh!

So, here's my crack at the fifteen most important things I've learned in my life so far:

  1. It's okay to spit in the wind if you wear a raincoat.
  2. It's usually a mistake to hire someone else to do your thinking for you.
  3. We are lords of the space we encompass as much as but no more than we are lorded by that which encompasses us.
  4. It's usually a mistake to believe your spouse should think like you do.
  5. We are all a little more of an animal at heart than we like to admit.
  6. If you try to pick your moments to be a hero you probably aren't one.
  7. You should never take yourself so seriously that you can't also yourself to be ridiculous.
  8. Don't sweat over the small stuff.
  9. Don't chill over the big stuff.
  10. It's okay to stop and smell the manure too. It sure makes the roses smell better.
  11. We'd only need one rule if we abided by the Golden Rule.
  12. Always use cold water when you shave.
  13. Always store natural peanut butter with the lid down.
  14. When you see beauty, don't forget to congratulate who created it.
  15. Never stop learning, especially from your mistakes.


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